„My musical influence had been established during my childhood days in Isfahan. They were sim- ple moments of daily life. Falling leaves on the sidewalks, sounds of Zayandeh River in the woods, bouncing balls in a empty room , speed of sunset in the horizon, spinning top in a moment of losing a balance… Among these phenomena I saw a common rhythm. „Shish-Hashtom (6/8)“ – the tempo used in traditional persian music. Those became a basis of my inspiration. Codex is a musical transcript of laws of our universe through my roots of influence.“

(Mohammad Reza Mortazavi 2013)




On his new album CODEX, the 34-year-old exceptional artist dares the impossible: standing firm while transcending all borders. Mohammad Reza Mortazavi returns to tradition with a fresh breath of modern zeitgeist. His concen- tration remains – just like a spinning gyroscope – simply on point! The entire album with all its variations, melodies, polyphonies, sounds and effects is based on the most notable foundation of Persian music: the 6/8 rhythm.

The album has been scaled down to the most important instrument of Persian culture, which also happens to be the first instrument of his career, the tombak. With regards to content the result quite obviously breaks with forms of the tradition and artistically transcending all of its boundaries while creating a unique yet universal CODEX.

Facing the pressure of his adversaries – the conservatives – and in between opposites Mohammad Reza Mortazavi successfully maintains his poise witih a simple drum. Through limits imposed, he experiences liberty, celerity will calm him down.

His message is simple and clear: ALL IS ONE

Musically Mohammad Reza Mortazavi has yet again crossed numerous boundaries: aural boundaries, boundaries of what seems possible to date, and his very own boundaries. The album, driven by a solid 6/8 rhythm throughout, by and large is very danceable, yet also features more narrative compositions. The latter are home to a variety of voices and emotion, merging with one another wile trailing off into endless thoughts.

„Rhythm and spirituality – Mortazavi combines both und delivers incredible energy through his music“

(NDR 2012)


Mit seinem Album „Green Hands“ (2010) positioniert der gebürtige Iraner seinen politischen Standpunkt. Mit „Gerade Aus“ (2011) gibt er eine Wegbeschreibung wohin es weiter geht, … mit seinem neuen Album CODEX bleibt der 34-jährige Ausnahmekünstler an einem Punkt stehen und geht doch über alle Grenzen hinaus.

Das Trommelgenie Mohammad Reza Mortazavi kehrt zur Tradition zurück und haucht ihr den modernen Zeitgeist ein. Seine Konzentration bleibt – wie ein sich drehender Kreisel – auf einem Punkt stehen, einem grundlegendem Rhythmus der traditionellen, iranischen Musik.

Unter dem Druck seiner Gegner – den Konservativen – findet Mohammad Reza Mortazavi mit einer einfachen Trommel die Balance zwischen den Gegensätzen. Durch die Beschränkung erlebt er die Freiheit, durch Schnelligkeit kommt er zur Ruhe.

Seine Botschaft ist klar: ALLES IST EINS

„Rhythmus und Spiritualität – Mortazavi verbindet beides und setzt mit seiner Musik unglaubliche Energie frei.“

(NDR  2012)

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