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Music Review of YEK in Selector

Music Review of YEK in Selector

Two artists who hail from totally different worlds have channeled their sublime creative synergy into a new EP. The four tracks comprising YEK – which will come out on Nonplace resulted from collaborations between Burnt Friedman and Mohammad Reza Mortazavi.

The two producers stylistically met in the middle to yield the effort, with Mortazavi’s rich instrumentals softening Friedman’s avant-garde soundscapes. Each of the four singles stand on their own conceptual merit and both artists’ contributions seem equally necessary to the EP’s singular statement.


Burnt Friedman and Mohammad Reza Mortazavi share one thing in common: Both artists added exotic instruments into their repertoire from an early age. Where the former artist has sampled vibraphones, melodicas and kalimbas, however, the latter’s brand of world music is largely centered around the Persian tombak.

YEK by Burnt Friedman and Mohammad Reza Mortazavi arrives by way of Nonplace November 3rd.

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