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Mohammad Reza Mortazavi – Concert Tour 2019

10. Jan ImaginCafe, Barcelona, SPAIN
11. Feb 16. Ritmin Günü Konseriyle “Çocuğa Saygı”, Istanbul, TURKEY
15. Feb V-A-C Foundation, DK ZATTERE, Venice, ITALY
23. Mar Oval Space, with YEK (Mohammad Reza Mortazavi & Burnt Friedman), London, UK
29. Mar Rewire Festival, Den Haag, NETHERLANDS
30. Mar
Rewire Festival, with YEK (Mohammad Reza Mortazavi & Burnt Friedman), Den Haag, NETHERLANDS
04. Apr Counterflows Festival, Glasgow, SCOTLAND
06.Apr Minimal Music Festival, Muziekgebouw Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS
11. Apr
Pierre Boulez Saal, Berlin, GERMANY
27. Apr INTONAL Festival, with YEK (Mohammad Reza Mortazavi & Burnt Friedman), Malmö, SWEDEN
08. Jun SOU Festival, Tbilisi, GEORGIA
14. Jun Against Method, Performance with Mark Fell @ HangarBicocca, Milano, ITALY
16. Jun
 Pudel Club/ open air, with YEK (Mohammad Reza Mortazavi & Burnt Friedman), Hamburg, GERMANY
19. Jul Wonderfeel Festival, s-Graveland, NETHERLANDS
18. Aug Sydney Opera House, Sydney, AUSTRALIA
21. Aug DARWIN Festival, Darwin, AUSTRALIA
23-25. Aug Supersense Festival of the Ecstatic, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
07. Sep Rotherham Show, Rotherham, UK
13. Sep Planet Ears – rethink international music, with YEK (Mohammad Reza Mortazavi & Burnt Friedman), Alte Feuerwache, Mannheim, GERMANY
26. Sep CRAK Festival, Paris, FRANCE
28. Sep Under The Desert Stars, Marrakech, MOROCCO
25. Oct Hong Kong Drum Festival, Hong Kong Cultural Center Concert Hall, Hong Kong, CHINA
25. Oct Composition for Chinese Orchester – Debut Performance, Hong Kong Cultural Center Concert Hall, Hong Kong, CHINA

..further dates to be announced soon..

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TRANSFORMATION – Live Acoustic Event 2019

26.May (Sun) | Taijiquan-Schule Jena | 19:00 (dauer: ca 2-3 Stunden)
Camburger Str. 1, 07743 Jena

..more dates to be announced soon..

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Media Coverage

„Mortazavi live is incomparable!”

„Rhythm and spirituality – Mortazavi combines both and delivers incredible energy through his music“
(NDR Kulturjournal)

„Watching the unbelievably virtuos soloist, one could get the impression he does not have two but at least six hands.“

„You could also say, this is a revolution.“

„Like sound from a different world.“
(NDR Kultur)

„The best hand-drummer worldwide …“

„Fastest hands on earth“

„Flying fingers“
(3 Sat)

„Drummer of freedom“



film by Acci Baba, music by Mohammad Reza Mortazavi (2017)

An experimental film to examine metaphysical conception of the beginning. The work embodies the philosophic and the scientific perceptions of materialization, expressed as various forms of origin. Additional to the conceptions, the scene is blended by artist’s indefinable memory represented as a white bright room and tunnel leading to a source of light. The screenplay crossovers between the reality and memory, generating a imagination unrestricted by plot and time.

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