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Mohammad Reza Mortazavi – Concert Tour 2018

09. Mar ARENA, Berlin, with YEK (Mohammad Reza Mortazavi & Burnt Friedman)
24. Mar ALICE, Copenhagen, Denmark, with YEK (Mohammad Reza Mortazavi & Burnt Friedman)
31. Mar Muziekpublique (w/ Sharam & Reza Mirjalali) – Moliere Theater, Bruxselles, Belgium
05. Apr Pierre Boulez Saal, Berlin
20. Apr Hof Oberes Schlosss, Siegen
08. May Potemkin – Halle, Germany
03. Jun Earth Garden Festival, Malta
08. Jun Cafe Oto, London, UK
27. Jun Fusion Festival, Lärz, Germany
29. Jun – 01. Jul Terraforma Festival, Milano, Italy
03. Aug – 04. Aug Aug Dob-Ban Festival, Transylvania, Romania
26. Aug Shambala Festival, UK
17. Nov Philharmoie Köln, Germany

further dates to be announced soon..

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TRANSFORMATION – Live Acoustic Event 2018

09.Mar (Fri) | Yoga Sky | 22:00 (dauer: ca 2-3 Stunden)
Am Tempelhofer Berg 7d 10965 Berlin (CANCELLED)

14.Apr (Sat) | Kulturnhalle | 21:00 (dauer: ca 2-3 Stunden)
Connewitzer Str. 6, 04289 Leipzig

27.Apr (Fri) | Yoga Sky | 22:00 (dauer: ca 2-3 Stunden)
Am Tempelhofer Berg 7d 10965 Berlin

15.Jun (Fri) | Yoga Sky | 22:00 (dauer: ca 2-3 Stunden)
Am Tempelhofer Berg 7d 10965 Berlin

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Media Coverage

„Mortazavi live is incomparable!”

„Rhythm and spirituality – Mortazavi combines both and delivers incredible energy through his music“
(NDR Kulturjournal)

„Watching the unbelievably virtuos soloist, one could get the impression he does not have two but at least six hands.“

„You could also say, this is a revolution.“

„Like sound from a different world.“
(NDR Kultur)

„The best hand-drummer worldwide …“

„Fastest hands on earth“

„Flying fingers“
(3 Sat)

„Drummer of freedom“

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film by Acci Baba, music by Mohammad Reza Mortazavi (2017)

An experimental film to examine metaphysical conception of the beginning. The work embodies the philosophic and the scientific perceptions of materialization, expressed as various forms of origin. Additional to the conceptions, the scene is blended by artist’s indefinable memory represented as a white bright room and tunnel leading to a source of light. The screenplay crossovers between the reality and memory, generating a imagination unrestricted by plot and time.

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