Sydney Opera House [AU]

„Meet the man with the world's fastest fingers: Mohammad Reza Mortazavi. Relying upon nothing more than a drum and his own dexterity, Mortazavi creates trance-like polyrhythmic soundscapes, complete with melodies and exquisite phrasing.“

Portrait: VAN Magazin • Outernational


Feature: Deutschlandfunk KulturCollaboration with Rundfunkchor Berlin


NDR Kulturjournal
Rhythm and spirituality – Mortazavi combines both and delivers incredible energy through his music

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Flying fingers.

NDR Kultur
Like sound from a different world.

Drummer of freedom.

Mortazavi live is incomparable! [...] You could also say, this is a revolution.

Watching the unbelievably virtuos soloist, one could get the impression he does not have two but at least six hands.

Interview: Lafayette Anticipations [FR]

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