Collaboration with Acci Baba

‘alles’ is an Audio-Visual performance composed of Japanese visual artist Acci Baba and Iranian percussionist Mohammad Reza Mortazavi. Baba’s live visual art projection will perform together with Mortazavi’s live drum performance, simulating phenomena-like moments emerging from optical-sonic experiences. Along with live performance, the work can be streamed into specific virtual reality environment, allowing to flexibly adjust into social situations. Through the hybrid expression form, the work explores an unified moment of our consciousness, where auditory-visual senses collide into an imaginary universe.

'exodus' is an experimental film to explore behaviors of an artificial system reaching the point of saturation. Central to the work is the aesthetic combination of geometry and life, expressed by collinear structure and living ants. The sugar water falls from the sky, artificially creating an ecosystem for ants to survive. Ants walk along the infinite path, leaving pheromones for the others to follow. Soon one of the ants chose to escape from the saturated system, realizing they have been walking on an infinite path. The others followed and continued walking into the void as they formed another circular loop. Through the perspective of microorganism, the artwork finds the relation between the viewers to reflect the formula emerging from the hyper reality.

Designed by Jonas Petry
Last Update • March 22, 2024